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Lookin for Cozy IV, Aerocanard, etc near Bay Area California

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I'm looking for someone who has a Cozy Mk IV, Aerocanard, or something similar within a short flight of the Bay Area California. Specifically someone who's willing to let me sit in it for a couple minutes and talk to me about it. I'll make it to one of the fly-ins some time soon, but would like to take a look before that.


Why? I'm trying to convince myself not to build one. ;) Actually, I'm really yearning to build one, but need to see how well I would fit in one first. I also have a TON of questions I'd like to ask about handling and stuff.


So, if you have one and are willing to answer some questions, I'd love to talk to you. I'd fly out to you or meet you at the airport of your choice. If there's a restaurant on the field, I'll buy you lunch for your trouble.



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