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Pilot and builder-to-come from Norway

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Hello all!


I'm all new to this, but have been thinking alot the last years about taking my PPL. I have been building and flying RC-planes for the last 25 years, and have always been very interested in flying. The thought of building my own plane have developed over the last years. I love building models, and I am a pretty good carpenter at home if I may say so... :) I have spent some time reading several people's webpages about building their various EZ's and must say I have gotten more and more eager to take the big step myself.


The best part of it is that I have gotten my wife interested as well. She had a dream when she was younger to take a helicopter-license, but she never took the step. The strange thing is that she doesnt like to fly in big planes, but she would like to fly herself. It has something to do with having control over the situation I guess!


Well - why the Cozy? It's because I'd like us to sit side-by-side, and I'd like to have room for passengers. Even though my kids will be grown up when this project are finished, I'd like the extra space. And I like the appearence of the Cozy.


To start - I have bought some DVD's that shows the Cozy and other canards in flight, as well as a DVD that shows the building process. We will start by watching these DVD's and then we are hopefully ready for the next big descision wether to go the long way or not.


Oh - forgot to mention that I am using Microsofts Flight Sim (X) alot. I found a Long-EZ and bought the virtual model to test (AlphaSim). Now I am flying Long-EZ as easy as nothing. Have added extra difficulties, as strong crosswinds and bad weather just to train difficult approaches. However, I don't know how "real" this model behaves compared to the full-size.

The dream for now is to get an invitation over to the US for my wife and I so we can have a testride in a Cozy... Maybe we will visit Oshkosh next year?

I will be lurking around here a lot I guess, trying to absorbe the knowledge from all of you people.


For now,

regards from Norway!

Erlend Moen
Cozy MK IV #1556 - Chapter 16

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