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Canard Weights


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Earlier I posted on another forum, a messsage calling for a survey of canard empty weights. The result was that information started pouring in. The initial information is really astounding and the results will be posted but I need a larger profile.


This is what I need. Type of plane, Vari, Long, Cozy. E racer etc.

Empty weight, Engine and any comments on how its decked out, nose lift, long nose, electric trim, battery size etc, anything that adds to the overall weight.


I have lots of Long EZ's and a few vari EZ's reporting in. Unfortunately

no Cozy's or any kind or other canards. If you have any of these planes I could use your data.


The idea is not to draw any scientific conclusions but to gather a comparitive data base to see where you stand or if your building, what to add to your plane.


It doesn't take that much time. Send me an e-mail to rglos721@yahoo.com or rglos721@comcast.net

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