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which one to get


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I am in process of selecting the right project. So far I like the best sq2000 but its seems like kls or advanced composite are gone. Does anybody know anything about it? Also i know its not recomanded to fly out off grass fields but did anybody tried that. is it possible at all if so which design of 4 seater would suit the best? I have started my flying in gliders out grass filed and i still like it the best. for the same reason i kind of considering even sportsman 2+2.

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Hate to say it, but a) grass field issue beat to death, just search the forum for some samples, and b) the articles you do find will tell you if you want to fly off grass, you don't want a Cozy/Long/Berkut/Canardy lookin' thing. There are far better air frames if grass flying is a high priority (think RV-x ... 10, I guess, if you want 4 seats).

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