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A while back I purchased one of those very rare items, a full set of mostly unused, unregistered LongEZ plans. They came with one airplane part: A main gear bow.


I've come to the conclusion that I'm unlikely to ever actually do this project, and the bow is taking up space (not quite ready to off the plans, though... ;) ). I'd like to get rid of the bow, but I REALLY don't want to ship it.


The bow has had the mounting tabs fabricated and attached, but that's as far as the original builder got. If it were me, I'd grind 'em off and do them again, because they look pretty sloppy. But I might be wrong. I see no actual voids/resin lean areas or anything like that.


I live in Connecticut near KBDR. Again, I'm really not interested in shipping this.


I see that one of these has just sold for $250 plus shipping. To compensate for the inconvenience of not being willing to ship, I'm asking $200.


I don't get on this forum much, so please email me


adouglas (at) optonline (dot) net


Not started yet, maybe never will (currently having an affair with an RV project...shhh...don't tell my set of Cozy plans)....

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