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My visit to Drews Canard Construction Facility


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While I was in Melbourne for work (yawn) I dropped in to Drew Chaplins CCF and he let me fondle the parts he currently has finished. Drew's a great guy and it was great to waste some hours chatting and dreaming about our common interests. Turns out I'm not the only nutcase downunder (even if he is an import).


Was a great experience and it was good to see in the flesh what I knew so well from the plans and the many great builders web sites on this place we like to call the net (my first real life experience with a part built cozy, or part thereof. I have seen Tony Rothwells Cozy III but in a well finished state).


Really boosted my ideas about when to start mine, but watch this space as I have some news to announce soon that could delay my start.


Thanks Drew, had a fantastic time.

Adrian Smart

Cozy IV #1453

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