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Eco Motors 80 & 100hp diesels


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I recently wrote to Eco motors, a company in Germany who are building complete 80 and 100hp engine packages based on an automotive turbodiesel engine.


The engines are 4 cylinder turbodiesels with common rail injection, along with the automotive style ECU. Both engines are 1.4L with the difference being the boost level (2.0 vs 2.4 bar) Drive to the prop is via a geared reduction drive with its own independant oil bath and 1.67:1 reduction. In the photos the reduction drive looks rough, but it may be the prototype version. Certainly, getting in the air with an experimental aircraft with an experimental engine is a big deal in Germany. I lived there and investigated this subject at length. Even if I had built a plans built (or even a kit airplane) I would have to do a static load test on all flight surfaces prior to getting an airworthiness ticket. Picturs of this process can be seen on many of the home pages of the German homebuilders.



The web page is here: http://www.eco-motors.com/Index.htm

Technical info here: http://www.eco-motors.com/Products.htm

Contact details here: http://www.eco-motors.com/Contact.htm


In their current offer, found here: http://www.eco-motors.com/images/Downloads/Eco-Motors-General-Info.pdf

they are asking <10k Euro for the 80hp motor which contains the following:


Basic Engine Kit

Base aluminum diesel engine,

common rail injection system,

fuel pump, fuel filter,electronic

control unit, reduction gear

unit, turbo charger, air

intercooler (Eco-100 only), oil

reservoir, engine wiring

harness, all sensors, device

to readout and erase engine

diagnostic state


The 100hp version adds the intercooler and takes the price up to <12k euro


The holding company is:


Seinsheimstrasse 9

D-97209 Veitshoechheim, Germany


I have attached pictures of the left and right side views of the engine as well as the company flyer. I asked the question whether the engine would be sold in the US. This is the answer I got below:


From: info@eco-motors.com

To: "Keith Olivier" <classified>

CC: "Martin Stürzenberger" <martin.stuerzenberger@schaeffler.com>

Subject: RE: 80 & 100hp aviation turbo diesel engines

Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2007 22:53:27 +0100


Hello Mr. Keith,


Yes we are also convinced, that our engine class ideally fits to the LSA class within the US.


To be clear, yes we also deliver the engines to the US, but for liability reasons, we have to make clear to the customers, that our engines are not certified aircraft engines. Before buying the engine, the customer has to sign and send back a document, where he confirms and accepts this non certified state explicitly.


Would be nice to hear from you again

Best regards

Dr. Rainer Hirn



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