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Solid O-235 Long EZ for Sale


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IFR equipped and IFR and aerobatics authorized per FAA on airworthiness certificate (many say "IFR equipped" or "IFR cockpit", but the aircraft is not authorized to fly IFR unless shown on airworthiness certificate). Wright electric nose lift, GU canard, large rudders, wheel pants, aluminum bullet spinner, starter, alternator, GPS (VFR), all required IFR instruments...while still having a measured empty weight of 913 pounds. Aircraft built by experienced builder in 1985, he had built several aircraft previously. Tempurfoam seats, wing strake windows, rear seat stick and throttle. Whelan strobes, retractable lannding light, internal antennas (GPS is external and should be put inside fuselage). Full details and photos on website




Please feel free with questions after reading website. $30K



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