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Velocity SUV & Wankle 20b for sale


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My friend Robin Ream, well, I have never met him, but email and like minded dreams create a friendly bonding across the digital existence (currently residing in San Antonio Texas, but preparing to move due to wife's military career) is putting his Velocity SUV (SUV No. Serial No 109, the single gull door Velocity which can easily be converted to a two door SE) up for sale. The kit is exactly as delivered 8 years ago (with the addition of medium blue upholstery on the seats). I am thinking it is the slow build version since fast build adds about $18k to the base price. He is asking pretty much what he paid for it back in the day of $20,000.00 (the 1999 intro price was $19,950, iirc, plus a couple of K shipping).


Also, he is selling his Bruce Turrentine rebuilt Mazda 20b rotary along with a RWS (Tracy Crooks company) ECU and re-drive. He does not have the EMU. The engine is pickled. He paid about $7500.00 for the 20b from Bruce back in the day. The ECU goes for about $1k and the re drive about $3k. He is asking $11,500 for the engine package.


I don't know what a good clean 20b goes for now, but I do know back when I was first looking at the rotary I found a couple of Mazda Cosmo "front clips" for between $4500 and $6500 online.


Robin's S/O new duty station does not have anyplace to store the kit/engine and Robin has not found the time to build in 8 years...school, career building et al. So, he has come to the conclusion it is not gonna happen for him.


Robin's phone number for the next couple of weeks is 210-490-9490 and his cell (which should not change) is 210-379-3885. He email is rream@satx.rr.com


All the best,



Christopher Barber

Velocity SE/FG w/yoke. Zoom, zoom, zoom.



Live with Passion...

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