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Question....I flew for a living for 20 years before losing my vision in my left eye 6 years ago; however, in my other life, I was in the marine business operating a small repair yard for several years and eventually ended up doing some minor design work and a lot of prototyping. I have built and faired many plugs and hulls, so I have confidence that the finish will come out beautifully.

It's all the other stuff in between that I'm concerned with now. Like most folks, I like to save money doing this project, but certainly not to the point of

compromising saftey in any way. I can purchase Divinycell through several suppliers that I used to deal with at a substantial saving and I'm assured that

the quality is the same as provided by the well known homebuilt suppliers. Any comments as to the differences in grades of foam and experiences would certainly be appreciated.......j

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