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Delta Dartt Ii

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Hi, here I offer exclusive a high interesting and very professional high end ultra light air-craft. It combines all the most desirable characteristics of a variety of aircraft, such as the canard configuration and the delta-wing of jet fighters. The undesirable aspects of conventional aircrafts were eliminated by the innovative and bionic futuristic design of the DELTA DART II.

Just imagine:

- High cruising speed: well in excess of 160 kts

- Incredibly low stalling speed: below 35 kts

- Outstanding fuel efficiency / range: 5 hrs / 650 miles

- Short take-off and landing: about 400 ft

- Low noise emission: engine and propeller are shielded by being above the wing

- Outstanding visibility: Jet fighter style canopy with rear engine / prop

- Exceptionally light and strong: dry weight only 255 kg

- Rugged and unique composite construction requires very little maintenance


The exceptional strength, durability and incredibly light weight was made possible only with a construction method by using gfk and cfk materials and honeycomb in negative moulds. Land it on your small holding and "park" it in your garage. The wings detach with one bolt on each wing, rudders attach automatically. The 3/4 span ailevrons (combined aileron and elevator), vertical winglets, flapped canard and speed brakes make it very, very safe and easy to fly.


In case of furthermore interest of serial manufacturing, I will offer the complete construction documents and CAD-Planes AND the original Moulds, for nice price!!!!!!!


Tel: 0049 172 5465879

Mail : delta-dart@arcor.de

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