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Dragonfly parts For Sale

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If anyone is interested in buying Dragonfly parts, I'm selling my project. Below is a list of what I have. I also have photos of the items but if I attach them, they will use up gobs of memory. (I'm new to this forum & not sure what's allowed.) So if anyone's interested in specific parts then I can reply and attach just those photos or email them privately.


The reason I'm selling is because needs have changed since my single days when I started the Dragonfly project, and now I'm looking to move to a 4-seat canard (Cozy/AeroCanard?) that can accomodate wife AND kids.


Haven't determined pricing, but I no longer have any use for these parts so I'll work with any offer.


For anybody who's serious and wants to take a look at the items, I live about 1 hr west of Toronto, Ontario.


- Joe -




plywood firewall

canard lift bulkhead

canard drag bulkhead

forward fuselage floor

fuselage console sides

fuel tank

upper seatback bulkhead

lower seatback bulkhead

intercostal bulkhead

wing lift bulkhead

wing drag bulkhead

tail bulkhead

fuselage sides

fwd & aft turtle decks



carbon fibre for canard

UNI for canard

pre-cut BID cloth for canard shear web

pre-cut sheet steel for hinges (10 pcs)

2 lift fittings (2024-T351)

10oz BID reinforcing pads (aprx. 3/4" stack)

seatbelt attachment fittings & wood inserts

tail spring

tail wheel



wing - glassed, needs aileron hinge fairings & wing tips to be done

(inspection reports available)

plans (construction manual & drawings)

newsletters (#1 to #111)

wing hotwire templates (free)

reflexer in progress - my design (free)

some control stick parts (free)

6 phenolic bearings for canard torque tube (free)


Cozy Mk IV #1550

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