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I need a new PROP

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I bought a VariEZE two weeks ago. Trucked it to SoCal...got it in conditional...and taxied it around. Was introduced to one of the nicest guys I've met, (kind-of-local-based EZ driver)--he came out with his EZ and prepped me for my first flight. After a couple days of inspection, ground school, and back-seat-fling in his, I successfully got mine off the ground and flew it (uneventfully) to the airport where I'll be permanently based and after one go-around managed a less-than-stellar landing--all this time John chased me in his EZ. Well, John had to leave and told me I'd have to do the rest of the work on my own and get better at flying my new (to me) canard. Well, to make a long story short: after handpropping the C-85 I came around front and lifted the nose gear and the the craft started to roll forward (I have no parking brake, and the main wheel somehow went around the wheel-chaulk-on-a-string)...and during my clutsy effort of trying to get the aluminum angle in front of the wheel again I allowed the prop to strike the ground.


So, here I am...propless...all dressed-up with no prop to piss in...or whatever the correct expression is.


I had an Edwards Sterba 60x66 on there. Anything airworthy would be great right about now.

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