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Paint Scheme and Graphic Design

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Hello all!


I have a small business in Albuquerque, New Mexico called AeroGraphics Design.


We design custom graphic and paint schemes for all aircraft, and can manufacture those in vinyl appliques (decals) or as spray masks for painting.


You can visit my website at www.aerographicsdesign.com for more information - feel free to ask any questions there or here and I will be happy to try and help wherever I can.


Below are shots of a couple recent projects I completed, the Glastar was all vinyl on white paint, the Sportsman was blue and white paint with grey vinyl.


Posted Image


Posted Image


Great forum!!


John - Open-EZ Dreamer (for now)

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Forgot to mention, the Sportsman 2+2 belongs to Marc Cook, Editor-in-Chief for Kitplanes magazine. I flew out to Chino and put the graphics on after he got the airplane from the painter (white and blue). This airplane will be on the cover of Kitplanes next month.


While we have had many requests for a number of certified and experimental aircraft, we have only done N #'s so far for a couple Velocity's, not too many canards. I'd love to tackle a few Cozy's or Long's and VE's, or Berkuts and Velocity's.


As soon as I get a good line drawing put together for the Open-EZ (I am planning a canopy and cowling mod along with Tony's long nose), I'll play around with a couple paint\graphic schemes that would suit my needs (thinking of the CAG's F-14 for VF-1 Wolfpack from the early 80's - red Wolfpack logo and long stripes, duplicated on the tipsails), probably try a Thunderbird scheme, and maybe something similar to Dave Lind's beautiful white and grey Long as well.


Posted Image


Posted Image


I'll post sketches when I make some headway.


John - Open-EZ dreamer

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My company and I can design the scheme, and then produce spray masks for paint or produce computer cut vinyl graphics but please understand we do not paint.


Basic Design is $195, and includes up to 3 starting schemes and then working one until you are happy.


Standard Design is $295, and includes up to 6 starting schemes and then working one until you are happy (most commonly selected option).


Advanced Design is $495, and includes as many schemes as necessary, unlimited consultation.


Design charges are credited to any order over $500.


Something nice for a Berkut 540, in masks or graphics or a combination should be in the $600-900 total range (design and graphics\masks) unless it is overly creative, e.g., multi-color fades or very complicated multi-color designs. Even then though I would estimate $1100-1400.


We can install the graphics or spray masks if requested (at your hangar or any of 3 Albuquerque airports) and provide support to builders or paintshops when paint or graphics are applied for $375\day plus expenses.


The advantage with graphics is they go on quick of course. The advantage with the masks is that it saves you a massive amount of time taping and re-taping and ensures symmetric appearance left to right.


You can PM me with details of your idea if you don't want to let the cat out of the bag or we can discuss it here.


Let me know.



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