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Registering a non-US Speed Canard?


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Hi Folks,


does anybody know, how I could get a Speed Canard on US register, if it is not within the necessary Serial-Number range, which is necessary iaw its US -TCDS.

The US-TCDS requires Speed Canards to be above S/N 60 to be eligible for US register, due to several design changes.

SC01 below S/N 60 has several different design issues such as different Canard attachment, lightning protection etc.


Is there anyone operating a SC01 in US below S/N 60?


Please reply!



Best regards, fly safe!!




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Hello Gerhard,

I acquired a Speed Canard SC01 with a number under 60 about four years ago. It is a terrific aircraft and, as you probably know,the entire manufacturing run is certificated in Germany, Switzerland, Australia,Taiwan, etc, but the lower numbers are not certificated in the U.S. The solution is simply to register it here as an EXPERIMENTAL/EXHIBITION craft. The limitations of this class are only apparent and do not really restrict one's ability to fly wherever, whenever one wishes.

My craft had, since its construction, been registered in Switzerland and flown mostly in Germany. Registration here was not difficult. Let me know what further information you require.

W Ryan

Belfast, Maine

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