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Extruded Polystyrene


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Has anyone had any experiance with this type of foam. I bought a sheet just to play with and it seems promising. Forms very well, Has no bubbles and an estimated density 1.5 lbs per Cubic Ft. Any thoghts or ideas is greatly appriciated. And if anyone knows what the technicnal differnece is that makes it 'Extruded' ?

Thank you

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Expanded Polystyrene starts out as a solid bead of polystyrene and small amount of pentane gas in the bead. The bead expands with the application of heat via steam.


Extruded Polystyrene starts out as a polystyrene crystal. The polystyrene is combined with a blowing agent and other additives. Under controlled conditions the hot liquid mixture is extruded and allowed to rise through a die. The end result is a "bun" or billet of foam. (Polyurethane is produced similarly.)


Hope this helps,

Carlos Fernandez

AeroCanard FG

Plans #206

Chp. 13


Sales & Support

GRT Avionics

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