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Manifold Pressure Gauge


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Manifold Pressure Gauge - Electronics International


This instrument is in like-new condition. It has been flying in my Cozy III for about 150 hours. Digital display with green LED radial readout. It has an internal backlight that wires into your panel lighting system. Easy to install, it only has 6 wires and a connection for the pressure line. I'm removing it to make room for other stuff. New, this instrument sells for $400. I'm offering it for $150. If you like, you can ship it to Electronics International and they'll recondition it for $65. But I don't think you need to do that. The thing works well and is in excellent condition. This model has the original size (about 1/2 inch) display readout. If you want, you can send it into Electronics International and for $100 they will upgrade it to the newer and larger (about 3/4 inch) size display. Again, I do not think this is necessary since I never had any trouble reading the present display. This is not one of those instruments you stare at all the time.


If you decide to buy my gauge and go for the full upgrade, you end up with a $400 manifold pressure gauge for only $250.


I'll send the instrument, wiring harness, and the manual that came with it. You can also go to their website to see what this instrument sells for new and get its specs. www.buy-ei.com

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