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Oshkosh 2005 Beds Available

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If anyone is looking, the house I stay in each year has beds available in a 1st floor, temporarily vacant apartment. A couple of canardians are staying there Monday and Tuesday with up to 5 beds left available those nights and 7 each night the rest of the week.


The location is on the East side of downtown Oshkosh, 1 block from the lake, about 3.5 miles from Whitman field. Takes me less then 10 minutes to get to the show and the University is on the way if you want to hit them for meals. Very quiet and attractive neighborhood. A city bus passes within 100' of the house, connecting to downtown and a commuter bus to the airfield.


Its a full, 3 bedroom apartment, semifurnished with beds, TV and the kitchen will have at least basic utensils. It is air conditioned. On top of that, assumably everyone staying there will be canard friendly. :)


The owner seeks $50 per night per person, pay up front like everywhere else in town, cash only, no checks. Each person will have their own key.


I have been going every year for the whole week for about 12 years now and

slept in a lot of places and I think this is a pretty good deal. If you have any interest, email me at build2001@aol.com. Or, since EAA is now only a week away, feel free to call my cell at 602.616.6620.


Ron Landon

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