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Defiant/Cozy Hybrid


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If I remember correctly, the X-Plane programmer is sometimes active in this forum. Could he, or anyone else for that matter, experienced in experimental aircraft simulations, run a simulation of a Defiant/Cozy III or IV hybrid, using two very small displacement, under 1.5 liter common-rail turbodiesels, such as the Mitsubishi 1.5 liter 95HP for the Cozy MKIV, or the Fiat 1.25 liter 70 HP turbodiesel for the Cozy III, while keeping the aircraft configuration as close to the Cozy as possible?

Probable changes:

1) Larger canard to support the weight of the forward engine.

2) Fixed front gear to free the most probably bigger and elongated nose for the second engine

3) Incorporate the front gear into the Defiant specific "rhino rudder"

4) As the engines are liquid cooled, some weight shifting around for weight and balance purposes is allowed, such as putting all radiators and all batteries aft, to keep with the rear-heavy configuration of the Cozy.

Please keep in mind that modern, common-rail turbodiesels are wonders of fuel efficiency, sipping fuel at the rate of 3 gallons an hour at cruise speed and altitude, as contrasted to the 10 to 15 gallons an hour of the original aviation engines of the Defiant. There is no need therefore for over 100 gallons of fuel; something like 25 to 30 gallons of diesel or Jet-A would be more than enough for a thousand miles range.

Any ideas welcome, but a simulation would be best.


It's all Greek to me

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