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New England Fly-in

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The Greater Boston Chapter EAA106 will host two fly-ins on the same day

in adjacent hangars at Lawrence Municipal Airport (LWM) about 20 miles

north of Boston MA, on Saturday June 25th 2005. For the last few years

we have hosted a very successful RV fly-in. But for some strange

reason, Canards are what really turn me on. So this year we are adding

a Canard program. We are very fortunate to have great speakers for our

forums (see below), and there will be food and soft drinks available.

There will also be plenty of time to look at interesting aircraft, (one

of the few remaining flying VariViggens is in our hangar), and time to

lie to each other about our planes' performance.


Go to our web site at www.EAA106.org and click

on the June Fly-in link for all the details. This site is being

updated, so all the links will not work until late next week. If you

still have questions you can email me. Check back at this site just

before the event for any changes or postponement due to weather.


If you plan to attend, it would be helpful if you send an email with

your party size, and aircraft type if flying to: EAA106.FlyIn@gmail.com

This will help us figure out how much food to buy, and plan parking. I

hope to see you many of you there, so mark your calendars. It should be

interesting, educational, and fun. --Joel


Note: This is a free low key event. There are optional reference

materials available for $10. However, these are being put together by

the RV guys, and though I am sure some of it applies to all aircraft, it

is designed to help the RV builders.




Saturday June 25th, 2005 (rain date June 26th)


0800-0900 Planes arrive: A display area will be set up for RVs and Canards


0900-1000 SEMINAR: DAR - What it takes to get the airplane inspected - Joe Gauthier


1000-1100 SEMINAR: Basics of electrical wiring for RVs - Fred Stucklen



SEMINAR: Aerobatic considerations for RVs- setup and testing - Dennis Sawyer

SEMINAR: Canard Aircraft Maintenance - Ken Miller


1200-0100 LUNCH - Cookout - Burgers & Hot dogs with all the fix'ings, chips, sodas/water


0100-0200 SEMINAR: Formation Flying basics - Frank Pullano Jr



WORKSHOP: Hands-on - Basic metalworking workshop - Bob DiMeo

SEMINAR: Trials & tribulations of flying a COZY IV across the USA - Marc Zeitlin

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