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Defiant Main Gear Shortening


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The owner of the Defiant I am working on has heard of other owners shortening the main gear by 6 inches. We would like to have any information anyone has to offer on this as it would fix some of the design flaws with the Defiant. If anyone has done this or heard of it we would like to know the particulars on it before we go hacking at the gear. I think a new weight and balance and CG will have to be done as well as some support at the new mounting point of the wheel. Thanks

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Many Defiant Builders have shortened the main gear, but I don't think I've heard of a 6" reduction. 4", is more common. I did mine 3 1/2" and that seems about right on my airplane. The plans built plane has a nose down attitude which definitely lengthens the takeoff roll. Harry Manvel.

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