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The perfect engine

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I am just getting ready to start my project, i´m looking forward to some exciting years to come :D . Since i have a lot of time until i have to install the engine on my plane, and i have not find yet an option that i fell absolutely happy with (Lycoming, old design, expensive; rotary, still not sure about it; auto conversion, lots of :) , lots of :sad: ; turbine, too expensive, great for airplanes)


I have decided to ask people who know (that will be all of you), what would be the perfect engine for a Cozy, what are we looking for? I got some ideas about what i want: 180-200 HP, low noise, low maintenance, not 20K +, newer design, not 20 years old (or more),....


I would appreciate your feedback; i will be gathering information from several sources and will post the dream engine specification that i get.


Since i live in Mexico and have access to affordable labor costs, i will try to see if i can get something that comes close to it doing must of the work here (information available to everybody of course)


Thank you all and hope to get some feedback.

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