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NJ Fly In. Formation School

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Yes sports fans, that's right. We are having a bit of a fly in right here in what should be the frozen North East.

Of course, the temps have been holding in the mid 50s and are forecasted to stay in that range. Most of this

message is old news but if you're not doing anything the weekend after this one coming, and you like flying

in formation with other airplanes - read on!


This is a semi semi last call for registrations for our formation school which

will be held in (brrrrr) Millville NJ on the 15th of January. I say

"semi semi last call" since we are cutting off registration at 100 people and I

already put out the "semi last call". We now have 81 people signed up but at

the moment but only 8 canard drivers total.


I could go into heavy details here but all the important information

can be found at



I know that some of you have already registered, and some have

emailed me directly saying "count me in" etc. But please if you are

interested, please do go to the web site and register there as it helps us plan all

the logistics according to the data we collect. :)


Oh, by the way.. this fly in is FREE FREE FREE and we have DOOR PRIZES! :)


MARC! KEN! Where are you guys?


-Frank Pullano Jr

VariEze N500EZ

Atlantic City NJ

Frank Pullano Jr


BerkEz N97JD

- IO 360 - A1A

- Infinity Gear

- Waiter Controller System

Orlando FL (Based KSFB)

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