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Cleveland disk upgrade


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I have the cleveland 600x6 brake assembly on my STD velocity and would like to go to thicker disks to reduce brake fade. Has anyone done this?


The disk I have is p/n 164-04000 with the 30-75x calipers and the 40-113X wheel. I think the 164-01501 (aka 164-15A) disks are the same except for thickness of the rubbing surface.


It would be nice to know I'm not heading into uncharted waters here.

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Before the days of the heavy duty Clevelands I cut off the thin disk and welded on a thicker plate (3/8 in this case) Remachined and chromeplated. Much inprovement. You might have to put a spacer between the shoes to accomidate the thicker disk. this was on a EZE. You could go to 7/16 or 1/2 inch if you wanted to. No detictable wear in 300 hrs. Ray.


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