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Beautiful flying weather


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Flew my VariEze up to Sidney, Nebraska today from Longmont, Colorado alongside a friend in his LongEZ. Just gorgeous day, departed at about noon local with 60 - 65 F temperatures all day. With my climb prop behind an O-235 L2C, I can top out at 160 MPH indicated, 175 MPH ground speed at 6,500-7,500 MSL. As you can see here, I don't have wheel pants on the plane yet (84KB JPEG):




My spinner does not fit the climb prop, either. Perfectly smooth air,though- no traffic, and our planes ran and flew flawlessly. Well, except for that *^% GPS I'm using- wouldn't let me enter KSNY, messed around with it so much I lost sight of my LongEZ friend. We spent 30 minutes trying to join up again. Man, these planes are just invisible sometimes ...


Cabelas in Sidney is always a treat. First time visit for my friend. And your first time at Cabelas Outfitters is almost like your first time at Disneyland. Especially if you hunt, fish, or shoot for recreation. They have a regular shuttle to/from the airport to Cabelas.


But the coolest thing is the crowd that gathered at the airport when we rolled up and shut down. There is an extension of the local community college at KSNY, for AandP students. Must have been 20 or so. It was like they'd all never seen a Rutan homebuilt. I sure am glad my wife and I did all of the work on our airplane that we did, inside and out. It's nice enough to be proud of when you're forced to show it off ... :)


Anyone else flying in nice weather today?

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