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Short introduction:


I am currently working as

senior software engineer / project manager at Nokia.

I can't tell much more about it except that my work somewhat

involves open source stuff.


My partner (who is also flying)

has a company which does pretty nice embedded Linux devices

based mainly on PowerPC family microprocessors. Those

would be quite suitable for EFIS systems, in the case someone

would be interested in Linux based avionics system. For more

information, have a look: http://www.katix.org


I have currently European UPL license (eligible to fly airplanes similar

to U.S. Sports Plane category) but I am going to upgrade

it to PPL in the future.


Currently I am flying TL-96 Star ( http://www.tl-ultralight.cz ),

EV-97 Eurostar and Ikarus C42. Despite of the variety of types of

aircrafts I am flying, I am currently a very low time pilot as I just

recently got the pilot's license. But that

is going to change in the near term future, as I am spending as

much time up there as possible :)


I am looking forward for someday perhaps owning a canard aircraft,

either purchased or self-built. Plans built aircraft could suit me better

than a fast build kit as the expenses would be quite much lower for

a plans built kit allthough it would consume more time and on the

other hand, I would prefer to spend more time on the air than in the

carage if possible but really, a plans built could be nicer to my bank

account (especially taking in account that I would need to pay

VAT + customs + overseas shipping expenses for a fast built kit

such as Velocity).


If there would be someone else from Finland (or nearby in Scandinavia)

and building/interested in canard aircrafts, please send me an e-mail and

tell me about your project. I would of course like to get a ride on

a such aircraft before proceeding to the decision to build.


Best Regards,

Karoliina Salminen


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