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Canard cabin heater.


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Making test flights on my SQ2000 today it got a little chilly and I tried my overhead/rear cabin heater. It works great, pumping heat into the cabin - except for the toes. The cowling cooling scoops intake pressure helped to push the heated air into the cabin by itself - even without the fan I built to suck it in. But I do have some vent exhaust holes for the cabin which probably helps to suck the cabin pressure out. Also I have just two ports on rear of cowling rather than big opening which may not build up so much pressure in the cowling. So there is really no need to build heavy oil cooler stuff or electric heaters - well maybe I'll get some sock heaters. For more info you can see some details of my heater/cooler setup in the http://www.abri.com/sq2000/20.html engine heat muff discussion and some comments about the overhead fan in the http://www.abri.com/sq2000/18.html interior discussion

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