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Sothern Alabama anyone??


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Hey folks,


Just wondering if there are any builders down here in the Dothan, Enterprise, Ozark, Ft. Rucker, Elba area of Alabama? I just moved into my wonderful 4 bedroom Army issue Duplex here on Ft. Rucker and would love to meet with any Cozy builders, fliers, or wannabe’s in the area. About 100 miles from Ft. Rucker is my practical travel limit due to a 99-mile limit the Army has imposed on me without a pass. It's kind of a hassle with those types of restrictions but, with over 1000 newly minted Warrant Officers in various stages of flight school, I guess they need to keep control somehow.


I ran into the local EAA chapter president the other day at the airport and he mentioned that there is one flying Cozy in the chapter. I'm hoping he will be at the next meeting. Take care.



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