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F28 Optional Design


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There is an optional height of 4 inches when building F28 to make the nose more rounded on top. Is this just a visual modification, or are there other consideration? (airodynamics, other changes to accomidate this modification, etc)

Finally a hands on project. No more bits and bytes. George Rippeto, Cozy IV Plans #1217

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The height option on F28 is mostly a cosmetic choice. Go with the shorter height F28 if you want a flatter top on the nose. Go with the taller height F28 if you want a more rounded top on the nose.


My suggestion is to go with the taller height for now. You can always cut it down to your liking later in Chapter 13 (or as part of Chapter 18 like I did it). It is easier to remove material and reshape F28 than it is to add foam and to re-glass.


I used the M-Drawings from the plans to make the nose profile templates for carving my plane's nose top. (See my Chapter 18 webpage.) I found that my F28 height fell somwehere between the shorter and taller F28.


Everyone's mileage varies!


...Wayne Hicks

Cozy IV Plans #678


Wayne Hicks

Cozy IV Plans #678


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