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COZY Brakes and Co


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Hi Cozy builders and flyers,



This is my second post regarding some landing gear problems for my COZY 3 on the same day. First one was regarding the NG-6 Nosegear bearing, second one (this one!) is regarding "Brakes".

Please don't let this go into a huge discussion as in the previous (1995) big "brake post"....remember Matco, energy calculations etc... please not


Here I go: My COZY 3 is still equipped with the standard Cleveland Brakes and brake discs, yes I know, even not the Heavy duty ones as called for by Nat. I bought the aircraft one year ago from the builder and for some reason he didn't want to invest in the upgrade....Don't blame me, please!


Anyhow, I definitively would like to have some more braking power now. My questions are the following:


1/ What would you do in my place... a)buy the Cleveland upgrade kit, b)buy the full Heavy duty kit or even c)buy a full Groove "Ultra High performance kit" ?


2/ Regarding the "Cleveland Upgrade Kit" ( Aircraft Spruce manual p 209, # 199-93), does this fit on the old standard Cleveland wheels without to much hassle. Easy job? What exactly needs to be done...?


3/ I have relatively tight wheel pants, would this installation interfere with the above (Q: 2) ?


4/ Can anybody who has done the Cleveland upgrade kit, comment on the way his/her braking power has increased?



Hope the above is clear, and that some of you are willing to clarify some things for me here,



Regards and safe flying (or building),






Flying was my first love and it will be my last one!

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