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Rough River 2003

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I did get a chance to attend Rough River this year. It was a 3.5 hour drive. The weather was beautiful and the turnout was good. It seems like a nice place to 'hang out' for a day or weekend. I stopped at the seafood restaurant across the road and had my first ever frog-legs and some breaded deep-fried 'oysters'. I was looking for variety, something different. I can't say that particular meal rated 5-stars, next time I'll do the hamburgers.

The fly-by's were very inspiring as were the park-bys. I think the Cozy count was around 5-7 Cozy 3's or Classics and 3-5 Cozy 4's and one AeroCanard. Also many Vari's and Longs and at least one hot Berkut from Michigan.


My drive home toward the south was during the late afternoon hours and took me thru rural Kentucky until reaching the freeways in Nashville. The rural route was intentional. I was looking for southern culture by driving thru the little towns. No civil-war cannons seen, no dixie flags. I passed a number of barns which had smoke pouring out, looking like they were about to burst into flames. I also passed barns with doors open where I could see tobacco hanging to dry. They must be smoking tobacco.


Anyway, it seems that something else could be added to this gathering. Perhaps a large (safe) formation flight/tour or an air 'race' like that of Jackpot Nevada.

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