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Compass goes banana!


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Hi Cozybuilders-flyers,


Lately I removed my Pedestal mounted "Airpath" compass (Aircraft Spruce 2003 p 345). Stupid as I am, I took a "magnetic screwdriver" to unfasten the 2 screws.


Saw the compass do a few strange full turns...and since then, my compass sometimes indicates correct, but most of the time, indicates a false heading (sometimes 180°off) or is even turning around in circles! So it has become pretty useless....


Have a few questions regarding the above:


1/I think the compass needs re-magnetizing, is there a home-build way of doing this? Or does it need to be done by an instrument shop....if yes..., is it worth it or should I just buy a new one?



2/Has anybody of you one of these "non-TSO compasses"? Spruce p345 & Are you happy with them?



3/I plan to install a RAM mount for my Garmin 196...does a handheld and/or the RAM mount, interfere with the compass? Anybody who has experience with mounting GPS's close to compasses?



Hope to get your usual help,





Cozyflyer Björn


Flying was my first love and it will be my last one!

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Based on my time in Army as an aircraft electrician (many years ago) we used a test set calibrate aircraft compasses and always used a brass screwdriver to set any adjustments. I would check with a local shop to see if the compass can be reset. Being a cannon cocker for the better part of the last ten years I may have been dumbed down some. I still doubt you can realign the compass manually.

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