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2nd Annual Colorado Canard Enthusiast BBQ

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Hello fellow Canardians,


I've been slack this year in getting around to this. Last year I hosted the

1st annual Colorado Cozy builders BBQ but this year I wish to expand it to

all canard builders/flyers.


What: 2nd Annual Colorado Canard Enthusiast BBQ

When: September 13, 2003. 11am until ???

Where: 350 Galapago St. Denver, CO 80223


We will provide the BBQ, hamburgers, brats, and the usual fixings, soda, and

water. Feel free to bring a side dish of some sort - not required though.


Please RSVP to me if you are coming by sending me an email at rick@maddyhome.com. This

will let me plan for food.


Of course part of the day will include opportunities to make fun of my Cozy

project :)


The basic intent of this is to get local builders/flyers together but if there

are others who wish to attend please feel free.


We have a spare room or two so if someone out there is looking for an

excuse to fly their canard into Denver for the weekend, we can probably work

something out - let me know. The closest two airports are Centennial (KAPA)

and JeffCo (KBJC). Both are class D. The closest uncontrolled airport is

Front Range (KFTG) but is a longer driver.


Hope to see you then.

Rick Maddy

Denver, CO

Cozy Mk IV #824 - Chapter 18


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