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I cant realy say what I would change.

My plane has always been kept in a hanger sept when I go and stay some place and even then I have a full cover I take and use. I inspected the wing and spar attach points last summer and found nothing. There are some things I changed when I built her that I feel may be of intrest to you.

The engine mount to airframe attach points.

I did not like the single sided shear attach bolts. (The round engine mount tubing bolted to the alu. angle from the spar) I saw somewhere someone else addresed this with the same fix and made drawings and a write up. Central States I think.

Annual work is much less than spam cans. Last year I swiched from a two blade prop to a three blade. +++ quieter, smother.

My exhaust is a straight pipe straight out the bottom of the coweling for each cylinder. Brought the engine temp down from over 200 to 175 even on 90 degree days. No loss in airspeed. The last thing I can think of is my fuel system. If I told you I had no fuel pumps and almost 1000 hours of not so much as a hickup even in slow rolls would you start screeming blasfomer and burn me at the gas pump. If you read the accident reports a lot of them are fuel stavation caused by fuel pump failing. Look where they put the pumps in the system. It is at the wrong end first off. The fuel line routing is wrong. If they made fuel sucks it might work. I hope this helps Best of luck on you project. Don't give up, and when the wife says you have to go to the inlaws for the weekend, and it's perfict weather to lay up glass. Tell her to. Well I'm shure you will do the right thing

If the phone don't ring. It's me

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I like the KISS method for fuel, I see WAY too many accident reports caused by bad fuel systems. Are you using a pressurized system?


As for blasphemy, I'm not the religous type. Most auto manufacturers figured out pumps go in the tanks- I'm still not sure why some people put them on the engines.


Alas, EFI is in my future, with all the PITA plumbing that goes with it. Slade found a nice place under the rear seats for pumps, Which should keep a few feet NPSH on the pumps, but this is going to be a system I tread very carefully with. Good thing I design piping systems in my day job :)


Thanks again for turning up the gain.

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