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Fast Glass Extravaganza Fly-In

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Fast Glass Extravaganza Fly-In

May 17-18, 2003

Suffolk Executive Airport (KSFQ)

Suffolk, Virginia



A Central States Association Spring Event


The "Fast Glass Extravaganza" is a laid-back, EZ fly-in hosted by Canard enthusiasts in Virginia's Hampton Roads area. This year's fly-in will be held in conjunction with a local Lancair fly-in! So make plans now to share in the camaraderie of building and flying fast, plastic airplanes._


No agenda, no vendors, no program, no headaches! But there's plenty to do in the local area if you get fed up (?) with fast, plastic "talk". There might even be a "test" to see who can make a round-trip flight to the Wright Brothers Monument in the shortest elapsed time.__


Don't let the "Executive" name scare you. SFQ is a rural, pilot-friendly airport with no controlled airspace or towered communications. EZ-in, EZ-out! 2 asphalt runways, Throttle Back Cafe serving breakfast and lunch on field. Plenty of hard-surfaced parking on the transient lines in front of the terminal. Full service, maintenance support, 100LL Self Pump.


See you there!

Wayne Hicks

Cozy IV Plans #678


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