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Infinity Gear for sale


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Hi All

There has been a change of plans,I've chosen to build a BearHawk.

Below is part of an email I sent to the BearHawk news group as to why.

Okay, here’s the scoop, I was going to build a cozy MK4 but have decided to build the Bearhawk instead.

There are a number of reasons, not enough room in the back seat, using a Mazda Rotary (want to be able to land on floats or skis in case of engine out), cost of trying to heat the garage when it’s -40 degrees.(live way up in northern Manitoba}, the lack of a qualified inspector for Composite construction,(there is an engineer that lives up here that has built 10 rag and tube aircraft of his own design, He will inspect it for a beer and a hamburger, you can’t beat that) and last but not least,it would cost $1800.00 just to get an inspector up here to inspect a composite aircraft!


So, I have some stuff to sell, below is what I have with the price I'm asking in USA funds and buyer pays shipping.


Infinity Retracts with indicators $4200.00 firm - These are sold.


MK4 plans 454 for $300.00, hidden bellhorn plans included.


MATCO wheels, brakes and master cylinders - will have to check the price on these. Sold


There will be other stuff going for sale on Ebay.

Still have to dig through my stuff and see what else there is.

John Willis

email jwillis@mts.net

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