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IVO Props


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Location: toender Denmark Europe

This really proves the value of a forum like this.

Here I am 5000 miles away from where a lot of interesting things happen. This is not meant ironically. I have seen only one Ivoprop ,it was placed on a Norwegian Sky Arrow that along with two others visited my home airfield. The owner was happy with it, but the Sky Arrow which I tested was more of a STOL than a of fast plane




Props are near and dear to me (as I have built a few of them) and I wanted to express my opinion about IVO props. I would VERY STRONGLY recommend against them. I personally know an entire family who were killed in an Velocity because of an Ivo prop failure.


Read the NTSB report on prop failures and you will find a significant portion of home built aircraft prop failures used the IVO prop.


Their efficiency is not very good because of their method of twisting the tip of the blade (as opposed to rotation of the entire airfoil)


The method of attaching the blade depends on clamping forces between two knurled plates. If the clamping force is not great enough or changes you throw the blade. IVO depends on a small strip of foil attached to the two plates to tell if the torques on the plates have changes. The strip breaks, you retorque. Doesn't give me a lot of confidence in the engineering of this prop.


Overall, I would not bet my life on this prop nor would I bet on yours.


I am STRONGLY against this product.

Regards, Nick


Charleston, SC LongEZ, N29TM, 2400 hrs


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I've heard lots of "polarized" opinions on Ivoprops, both good and bad.

One thing I hadn't seen yet was this accident report:




I had trouble finding more prop failures, probably because I'm not used to the NTSB search engine. I did find one other IVO prop where the owner had set the prop for 27 inch pitch and lost control in his first flight.


before this I had discounted most of the bad opinions. Now I'm beginning to think maybe a good old fashioned fixed pitch wood prop would serve me better than an in-flight adjustable Ivo.

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