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The AeroCanard plans and the Cozy plans that AeroCad sells include all the full size drawings.


>A word of warning - there is some serious "friction" between Cozy Development Corp. (Nat) and Aerocad (Jeff). These two are always fighting about their "agreement".<


>Aerocad sells plans for an Aerocanard, not a Cozy. Of course, the plans are based largely on the Cozy.<


I have up our Federial agreement that allows us to sell both the Cozy and AeroCanard plans. This was part of a a settlement agreement. We are just acting on was is rightfully ours.

Jeff Russell / AeroCad Inc.


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The quotes Jeff is referring to are from one of my earlier posts.


I just want to clarify that I meant nothing negative by any of them.


Anybody on the Cozy maillist knows that there is a history between Nat and Jeff. I had always ignored this stuff as it is between the two of them. I was simply pointing out to some new folks that this issue exists. My choice of he word "fighting" was a bit too much I think.


My other quote about the plans was an oops on my part. Sorry to Jeff if I stated incorrect info.

Rick Maddy

Denver, CO

Cozy Mk IV #824 - Chapter 18


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