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Max RPM??

Guest Scott

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I just finished reading my CSA newsletter cover to cover. Its never long enough!!!


One of the authors mentioned he had run his O-320 at 3000 RPM during the Air Venture Race.


I have a IO-360 b2b in my Velocity.


I use to cruise at 175 knots at 2700 rpm running a Performance Prop. I had a prop failure(long story) and now am running a Catto prop. I lost 5 knots going to the Catto. If the static rpm hadn't dropped 50 rpm as well with the switch I would have had him repitch it but I can't afford to lose anymore rpm's on takeoff.


So, the Catto is rated at 3200 rpm and Craig said it was fine to run my IO360 at 2800-2900 rpm.


I looked up the changes made between my engine and the IO360 models that are rated to 2900 rpm and found the only changes made were in the accasseraries. So the engine internals are identical.


So, can I safely run my engine at 2750 rpm and gain back the lost 5 knots? Or even run it at 2800-2900 rpm and cruise at 180-185 knots?



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