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For Nat Puffer:


Dear Tim,

The ratio by weight (using a balance) is different than the ratio by volume (metering pump). If in doubt, use that ratios on the cans.

Best regards,



PS: We are on the road, so I can't verify what my cans say, or the catalog either, for that matter.



From: Tim, Jodi, & Cyrus


MGS containers and spec. sheets say L285 is mixed 100:40 by weight. In Aircraft Spruce's 2001-2002 catalog, page 35, it says 100:43. Huh? Are they on that new fangled metric system or something. :)

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For Andy:


The information on the MGS web pages is as follows;


L285 Volume - 100:50 Weight - 100:40

L335 Volume - 100:45 Weight - 100:38


All of the above with a tolerance of +/- 2 parts. Go to




and follow the link for techinical information, Registered laminating resin systems.



Andy Richardson

Cozy MkIV #911

Chapter 4

Regards, Nick


Charleston, SC LongEZ, N29TM, 2400 hrs


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