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Status: The Canard Zone is being upgraded

This announcement is no longer active

Jon Matcho

Hello everyone,

The Canard Zone website is currently being upgraded to benefit from improved usability and management features now available.

The upgrade went well, with only a short list of issues that are being addressed:

  • A new member "ranking" capability now exists, for which everyone is now tagged as a "Newbie". Humbling.
  • The "Who was online" block is no longer supported (looking to replace it with a new version).
  • The Canard Zone logo became hidden, which is now resolved.

You may notice other issues that I'd appreciate you sharing here: https://www.canardzone.com/forums/forum/376-questions-feedback-suggestions/

Thank you for your support and patience as I manage through making any necessary adjustments this week.

Kind regards,


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