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Found 4 results

  1. Infinity uses the Parker Oil Dyne 108 series pump. Apparently Parker is now refusing to supply any service or replacement parts for this pump. The pump moves .0 3 2 1 cubic inches per Revolution and is set for a 1400 PSI up and 600 PSI down pressure. My question is if anyone knows of a good alternative replacement pump or where I can get service and parts for this pump. Apparently mine has a crack in it somewhere that is letting the down pressure bleed off. Kind of wondering what pump types are being used in the velocities and some of the other retract systems out there? Thanks for any information in regards to this Dave Gestl
  2. New Cozy III Main Gear bow for CozyIII or LongEZ. New they are $558. Selling for $450 Cozy III fuselage tub in Ch 8. With misc. hardware, axles and wheel parts, seat belts, fiberfrax, $500 Cozy III/IV completed and painted Roncz canard and elevator. Has previously flown. canard is 156" tip to tip and 147" end of elevator to end of elevator. $500. Original Cozy III plans with all original marketing materials and all newsletters. $350 All of it for $1500. Separately I have: Long EZ Divynicell foam for Ch 4,5 6, 1.75 full sheets of H45 .75" an 1 full sheet H250 .75". Over $500 new. Will take $350. MGS Epoxy L285 1 gallon. new unopened container. Make offer Featherlite top and bottom Long EZ cowlings. Make offer Pics in this Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/haf0izi1cvjug00/AABYFT9QevKtRMXu0stvq_QZa?dl=0
  3. My long ez nose gear departed aircraft during landing today. Only damage was to nose wheel and fork. I am in the market for a wheel assembly, hopefully, including hub, bearings, tire and tube, and fork assembly. Required though is the fork casting, nose wheel, tire and tube. I can reuse the part that bolts to the strut. Attached is a picture of the damaged strut required. Luckily, no other damage to aircraft or nose gear strut, or myself and GIB. Out flight testing a new prop, thankfully the wheel hit nothing when it separated! Contact me at this email (flem363636@yahoo.com) if you have it for sale or insight as to where I might find one! TIA
  4. After landing and slowing to about human running speed my LongEZ has a nasty little wobble during braking only seems like it is one of the mains. If i release the brakes then it stops. It also seems worse if i have a passenger. I watched the nose for shimmy thru the window and it is rock solid. Mine has the flox added as suggested in the CPs so i am not sure what it could be. Anyone have a suggestion? Thank you
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