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Found 3 results

  1. Hello. I am moving my shop and have some fiberglass, an epoxy dispenser, cotton flocking and glass bubbles, Atkinson fuel view windows, and plans #1563 missing template copies. I would like to sell the lot as I am moving my shop and am coming to terms that I wontget around to this project. I bought a house project when I started this and it’s been on the back burner...8 years later things have changed! I have: 52 yds BID 7725 63 yds UND 7715 Michael Epoxy Dispenser 2 lbs flocking, 2 lbs glass bubbles roll of 3” release tape, small qty 3” FG tape Atkinson fuel view windows (2) plans #1563 without all plans i can be reached at mfitz@bostonfurnituremaker.com and I can send pictures and answer any questions. I am looking for $900 + shipping costs if it can’t be picked up in Central MA. Mike
  2. Howdy, At the advice of multiple mechanics and EZ owners, I've been running 50/50 ethanol-free 90 octane fuel and 100LL (yes, low compression pistons). In theory it should be great - Less lead to foul plugs (but still enough to lubricate), no ethanol to eat the epoxy, and save some $$! The aircraft developed a leak in (at least) the right fuel tank. This annual I cut it open and sealed all surfaces with slow cure EZ Poxy. Going forward, should I continue running the 50/50 mix, or could it be the cause of the leak? I've read that even though I've avoided the dreaded ethanol, there still could be a number of additives in auto fuel that may be even more damaging than ethanol. After this experience, I'll be pissed if I have to open up the fuel tank again. Thanks for sharing your thoughts
  3. I have enjoyed using MGS 285/287, but have not found a 5-gallon option anywhere (in the United States; the North American MGS distributor is in Canada). For 1-gallon orders from Aircraft Spruce, the problem is the $45 hazardous shipping fee for EACH container of slow hardener (a 2-gallon order requires 4 hardeners, 4 x $45 = US $180). My research shows that this PRO-SET system is as good as MGS 285 which I have enjoyed using, and does not have such hefty HazMat charges. My only gripe is that I understand all PRO-SET to be shipped clear, whereas the MGS hardener was dyed, leaving no question whether the epoxy was mixed or not. Still, from PRO-SET's web page on this system I note this: I might try Wicks Aircraft for this one.

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