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Found 25 results

  1. Hello George. What engine is that? There are not too many active Quickie posters on this site but a search for Quickheads here brings up some stuff. https://www.canardzone.com/search/?q=quickheads&quick=1
  2. Hello i recently joined Canardzone and am enjoying reading through the discussions here. i also came across the Quickheads.com website that I would like to join also to discuss my Q2 build , can’t seem to get past the sign up but links to join keep going back the website rather than the payment link ? Does anyone have a phone number or link to contact the moderator of Quickheads? Sorry to write this message on Canardzone I can not find it in Quickheads website Thank you
  3. https://q-list.groups.io/g/main http://www.quickheads.com https://imageevent.com/qdf_files/quickiefiles Also, search Q-Tour on youtube. The experts are there. The one in IN on barnstormers looks good. I would be all over it if I wasn't set on the original canard and gear. 635# empty is fine.
  4. Hi, Does anyone know where to get legit Dragonfly plans? would love to buy them. Have purchased Q1 plans from QuickHeads, but more interested in Dragonfly, since it is more controllable than Q1/Q200. Thanks
  5. Getting the PPL will likely alter your perspective on airplanes and give you different insight on what you want. I would get the PPL first. There are many airplanes for sale on www.Barnstormers.com. There is a website for Quickies here http://www.quickheads.com/ I don't know much about Quickies abut there does not seem to be much support for them these days. I speculate that your problem in Israel will be getting materials shipped at a reasonable price. A project or a full kit of another airplane from an active kit-seller might be better. One time I took my dog flying and he threw up in my lap. Also England used to have a quarantine on incoming dogs. The U.S. rules on experimentals say each country must give specific approval for overflight of an experimental airplane. You may find the same for Israel. I don't see a chapter of the Experimental Aircraft Association in Israel https://eaa.org/eaa/eaa-chapters/find-an-eaa-chapter
  6. Hi Jon i went to Quickheads.com unable to join, just takes me on a circle back to the login page Ritz
  7. Yes, I now manage both. The Quickheads software needs a complete overhaul. I am trying to figure out how to maintain both sites. In the meantime I suggest sharing your build here in the Quickie sub-forums.
  8. Last I heard, Jon Matcho, who owns this site, also owns Quickheads. You might try to PM him
  9. Repairs to N131PS: http://www.quickheads.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&Itemid=265&id=1419
  10. There is some good information about Dragonfly Aircraft types available on our sister site: www.quickheads.com An email mailing list group is also available here: https://groups.io/g/DragonflyList (which is also integrated into our Mailing List Feeds forum section) Dragonfly plans and kits were available through Dart Industries, but unfortunately is no longer operational. You can download the Dragonfly Construction Manual here:
  11. Hello Community, first of all I would like introduce my self. I'm on my way to build an ASSO X-Ray based on the construction of Guiseppe Vidor. Please find some impression on my Flickr site: https://www.flickr.com/photos/aerobase/ The Airplane ist build up with Hemlock wood and is an 2 Seat side-by-side configuration they will power up with an BMW 1200 LC motorcycle engine with about 120hp. An engine that is use very often here in Europe mostly in Trike segment. The project start at February 2019, so i will finished it until end of 2021 🙂. For the build i use a DIY CNC Mill with 3 axis with CAD/CAM and on the way is an DIY 5 axis cnc mill to build my own molds, just an example please follow the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=koDYJIUCDGI It is just a example... So i come up with the Quickie Q2 during my buddy own a DragonFly and he try to get in the air, I create some 3D files for him on Autodesk Inventor 3D and bring it on the CNC mill too. So that the first step I fall in......... 🙂 I get in touch with Quickheads where I buy a Q2 package pay for it and Jon is on the way to help me in that fact, that anything is going wrong with that shop. But things are in progress with that issue, an should be no a big deal. I was at Forum Taurus, on Dave Morris site, on https://imageevent.com/qdf_files/quickiefiles , and on http://hiwaay.net/~bzwilson/dragonfly/drawings.html and on http://jdfinley.com/file-downloads/quickie-aircraft-documents/ and in the Facebook Group and in Quickie Q2 mailing list, that is also integrate in that forum. A very active group with a lot of solution around that very special aircraft , in fact that the design come up in the 70s an 80s. Unfortunately there is a low information available about the molds of the fuselage, in fact any measurements to build up a drawing or 3D model is still missing. Some of Quickie Q2 owner around us made a sectional 3d scan of the fuselage , but is hard to reach any data. It would be a shame if it were not possible to make the necessary data available to the public and keep it for the upcoming generations of homebuilders. So my investigation is on going, because I want to build up a 3D model and start a homebuild by use my own molds. I ask some companys in the US that are owner of the mold for a set of fuselage, but the cost include the shipping to Germany is higher than I will spend it in build up a DIY 5 Axis CNC mill and material for my own molds. So let us keep in touch. Best regards Eugen
  12. Jon Matcho


    Here are the Dragonfly newsletters: http://www.quickheads.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=2392&Itemid=511 In addition to this forum, you have the Dragonfly mailing list: https://dragonflylist.groups.io/g/main
  13. Hi Dan, I'll get you setup on www.quickheads.com for this, but in the meantime you can post your item for sale in the For Sale section here. The VW engine may not be worth anything to some potential buyers, but worthwhile for others, so consider allowing that to be a separate purchase. The engine shop is still in business and that engine block can be upgraded to use some of their latest parts: http://revmasteraviation.com/ The foam may not be worth shipping, and replacement foam can easily be acquired from Aircraft Spruce or Wicks Aircraft. A pristine unstarted kit that is still in boxes is rare, so you should get a premium. Putting a thumb in the wind I'd suggest a few thousand dollars. I have an unstarted kit as well and that's about what I am looking for.
  14. Thanks, I've gone to the quickheads web site previously it won't let me access the information. I try to join their organization but I end up in a catch 22 and can't join. I will check the canard zone forum, thanks.
  15. It is a pretty thin market for those, I think. You might check here http://www.quickheads.com/index.php?option=com_adsmanager&view=list&catid=2&Itemid=352 and look through the asking prices in this thread. https://www.canardzone.com/forums/topic/21972-sales-ive-seen/ Offhand I would say you'd be lucky to get 1/3rd to 1/2 of what your Dad paid for the materials but that's just a non-informed guess.
  16. This Quickie with an interesting story. A 570 lb load does not seem that extreme but with the sun beating down . . .. I mean, who's going to load three 190 lb persons in that cockpit for 8 hours in the summer heat. He was asking for it, I'd say. Oh well, I imagine it can be rebuilt pretty easily. Cut out the canard, build new. I understand they behave better on more conventional landing gear. Perhaps it is a blessing. 🙂 Q1 QUICKIE W/RT CANARD FAIL • $2,100 • FOR SALE AS IS • Q1 Quickie broken right front canard. Canard broke while test loading aircraft with 70lbs engine and 500 lbs load ON THE GROUND. Had emergency, left 8 hours fully loaded 100 degree heat/sun. Came back, Right Canard had failed. Diid not build the aircraft.Aiircraft flew years before with an Onan. Metal parts restored. New canopy included (paid $600) No engine, instruments/radios. Do not enter a deal unless you intend to complete it. Aircraft based Fallbrook, CA. Buyer pays shipping. Carbon fiber spar retrofit available Quickheads site, (NI) Questions (760) 419-1301 • Contact George H. Dawe, Owner - located Fallbrook, CA USA • Telephone: 760.419.1301 . 760 419-1301 • Posted May 15, 2019
  17. Now that is funny! Clean plans are available at www.quickheads.com I much more like the idea of running a Rotax on this, but Onan's were the standard for the original Quickies way back.
  18. Thanks Kent! I definitely feel a bit rare (in a good way) with this Q200. quickheads.com seemed pretty quiet but maybe I wasn't looking in the right place on their forum. I will try again and check out the other group you mentioned. Thanks again!
  19. Nice looking airplane. We don't see many Q-200/Quickie posts on this site in the past few years but there is this site http://www.quickheads.com with a forum. The Canard-Aviators group probably has Q-200 members, too. You can probably find info here using the search function. Anyway, don't let that stop you from posting ideas and questions here. Hope it works out well for you.
  20. You might try this forum http://www.quickheads.com or the Quickie Yahoo group. If you want to sell it, I'd post it on Barnstormers. I suspect there are just not many active Quickie builders these days. Post some flying stories or building experiences. People are interested in those kinds of threads. Nice of you to offer help, though.
  21. Hello everyone, I have been organizing my thoughts on upgrading the Canard Zone forums for quite some time now. There are a few areas I'd like to address: Needs Implement HTTPS in the URLs (for secure logon and interaction with the entire website). Increase storage capacity (the current setup is hitting the wall with file storage, and limits what can be uploaded). Control time and cost while increasing capabilities. Wants Improve the content overall (need a place and means to publish canard-related content easily, like a "real" website as www.canardzone.com once was). Increase membership and engagement (single sign-on so users can use their Google, Facebook, Provide new capabilities (builder blogs/sites, member plane/project gallery, member map). Downloadable file support (I have created and curated a lot of downloadable information over the years, as well as others, and want to make available). Proper Classifieds (a place where proper classified ads can be placed; a level up from the current sub-forum). Longer Term Integrate/merge the Canard Zone and Quickie Builders Association (at www.quickheads.com; many members overlap and this needs to be simplified). Marketplace (allow the purchase of vendor products). Advertisements (something to offset costs, such as the current approach or placement ads from Aircraft Spruce, Wicks, etc.) What do you think, did I miss anything? Please feel free to share any ideas and feedback you may have. Thank you kindly, Jon
  22. $3000 is a decent price (see www.Barnstormers.com ad) but it it will still be a lot of work to get it rebuilt, refinished and flying. From the patches, it looks like it might have been flying and wrecked. There is not much support these days for the Quickies and it's amazing how old info disappears from the internet. The www.quickheads.com site is not online anymore. Some of the pages are at www.archive.org but not the forum posts, it seems. Your best bet is to hunt down some Q2 owners and get some advice. This fellow maybe http://jdfinley.com/file-downloads/quickie-aircraft-documents/ To get it licensed, you will have to show documentation that it was built by amateurs, i.e., some sort of builder's log. If it was previously issued an Airworthiness Certificate then you need to prove a chain-of-custody from the original builder or the FAA will not let you register it in your name.
  23. Just so everyone knows. I bought a set of plans from that guy on eBay and they were horrible quality! The images were illegible, and the text was splotchy at best. Better version are available through peolpe in the quickiebuilders group: http://www.quickiebuilders.org Also I got a little tired of seeing all of the people on eBay selling crappy version of the plans, so I created my own website as a repository for information to help builders of the quickie designs. It's a work in progress but you can see the results here: http://www.quickheads.com I posted versions of the Q-2 and Q-200 designs with searchable text: http://www.quickheads.com/Q2-Plans/Q-2-Q-200-Plans/ I also posted all 25 of the original Quickie Aircraft Corp's newsletters with searchable text: http://www.quickheads.com/Newsletters/QAC-Newsletters/ This is all available now for free, and hopefully will make it easier to research information while attempting to build one of these great (but often misunderstood) Rutan designs. You can also see pictures of the basket case I have in my garage here: http://www.quickheads.com/Pictures/ I hope some of you will get some use out of these resources! Cheers everyone, McFly
  24. yup i know if anyone see's one for sale let me know however ill still carry on with this hopefully i can bring the design back to life plans are already available via quickheads.com so hopefully if a few molded and machined parts can be made available then there should be enough there to build an aircraft
  25. There is a lot of information about Quickie Aircraft types available on our sister site: www.quickheads.com (formerly www.quickiebuilders.org) An email list group is also available here: https://q-list.groups.io/g/main (which is also integrated into our Mailing List Feeds forum section)

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