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  1. Sorry for the late replies y'all @ezdoesit Thanks for that information, Ben! Good to hear from a guy close by. Looking forward to visiting you and flying some formation once I can handle the aircraft expertly. Sounds like a sweet avionics upgrade. Mine is pretty setup with a G5 and Dynon Skyview, but I'll be adding autopilot servos soon. I'll post an update soon on how the retrieval of 47EZ goes. @Voidhawk9 I shot David an email, he had some great information to share. He also notified me about Kanab, which I'm now planning to attend.
  2. Well, it appears I waited too long to fix my first paragraph with an edit. I meant to say, I feel confident about the quality of the airframe and electronics.
  3. Hi yall. I bought Joe Dubner's Long EZ from Independence, Oregon. I'm looking for someone generous enough to give me a ride in their Cozy IV or velocity(?) I don't need to land it all the way to the ground, but i'd like to fly some approaches to make sure I'm not going to crazy my EZ on the first landing. I got to fly the Long-EZ I bought from the back seat, and felt good about the handling. I feel even better about the airframe and A little about me: I'm a young engineer in central coast California developing unmanned aerial vehicles. Truthfully, only 20% of my job is designing, because I spend 80% of my time running the company's internal machine shop where I have a passion in helping designers make their parts economical to machine. I'm also a glider pilot and have a glider that I keep in Avenal CA for most of the year. I'm at about 170tt, which is a bit low to fly a high performing EZ, but I've transitioned to single seat aircraft 3 times in the past without problems and have a history of passing check-rides and not damaging aircraft. If you're in California or near it, and have the willingness and time to give me a ride in the next week or two, please give me a ring or a message. I'll leave my phone number here for a couple of days: 805-503-0264 Thanks, Eric

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