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  1. Closed group (request sent). In the mean time creen cap, please.....
  2. Another option is https://www.searchtempest.com/ There is a version for Canada too. Kent -- A public thanks for the recent private message and for posting here your continued effort to keep up with the market. My re-entry into the world of aircraft ownership is at the point of acceleration without velocity (pun not intended). Medical is renewed and my banker/bride of 30 years says go for it. After I square away things like insurance (does anyone have the insurance presentation given by Ryszard at RR recently?) and tend to some other issues, I'll consider myself to be in the "serious buyer" category. Ground school at RAFE is on my Christmas list. A public plea while I'm at it. I'd be super interested in flying in a Cozy 4. Really looking for a 4-seat canard, but I am turned-off by the center yoke on the Velocity (I drive most-times with my left hand, even though I am right-handed. It seems that one's dominant hand would be preferred for button-pushing and knob-twisting). And I'd prefer the economy of a 4-cylinder. I live in Maryland and would be happy to travel pretty much anywhere east of the Mississippi to lay hands on one before the next RR fly-in.
  3. Throwing this out for everyone's edification. The Reader's Digest Condensed Version is: Heat transfer rate is proportional to temperature difference. Thus, more heat will be removed if the air is moving faster (aerodynamic heating from supersonic flow notwithstanding.....). https://www.engineeringtoolbox.com/arithmetic-logarithmic-mean-temperature-d_436.html You don't have to study the equations, just read the first sentence. Also explains why counter-flow works best in radiators. Bonus tip that applies this time of year in the northern hemisphere: If you want to get more heat out of a wood stove, place a fan to blow air over the stove. It's a great real-life application of the theory. The fan pushes away the heated air that is next to the hot stove surface faster than ordinary convection would remove it. The cold(er) air that replaces it is able to have its temperature increased more than air that is hotter. Thus, more sensible heat is transferred to the room while burning the same amount of wood. Cheers!
  4. Greetings folks. "New" kid on the block looking to refresh my aviation creds. ~700 hours mostly in brand C, and a stale instrument rating. Out of annual for a bit due to assorted life events and sale of spam can, life once again permits entertaining an aircraft purchase. BasicMed appointment is on Monday, after which I'll get serious about looking for a Cozy 4ish aircraft. Already talked to Ryszard at RAFE about coming up to speed in canards. A mechanical engineer by training, my day job is as a flight test engineer on the MQ-8C Fire Scout. I geobach on a boat in Solomons, MD, and commute home to central Maryland on weekends. Prefer to make that commute looking down on cars, not over at them. Umm, this my floor. I'll see you around. https://www.northropgrumman.com/what-we-do/air/fire-scout/
  5. Ouch! (Umm, no argument here, though....)

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