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  1. Hi Kent, Thank you. However, what about question #1? What are the differences in takeoff/flying/landing between regular planes and canards? Duncan
  2. Hi, I think canard airplanes are aesthetically stunning. I would love to build one, but knowledgeable voices (for example, Daniel Raymer - as well as many online resources) have me a little worried. So I have some genuine questions for the folks here. About me: I have designed a rather unusual Flying Flea which is rapidly taking shape in my Brisbane workshop. I like working in wood. I use CAD and CNC to cut all my parts. I have a preference for small airplanes, Single seat is cool, but dual would be better. So I would like to design a canard plane which could meet the following criteria. First, I can't afford a big, expensive engine. I'm looking at something in the 50hp to 60hp range. I would like a canard with a low (35kts - 45kts) stall speed - I'm not aiming for a speed demon although a decent cruise would be nice I like pretty shapes, so I'd be designing something pretty. Something akin to the Apollo or the eRacer - but smaller, of course. So, some questions: For those of you who have flown both canards and regular planes - what's the difference? Almost all canard planes have rudders on their wing tips. However, the Revelaero canards have twin rudders mounted six feet apart on the main wing. What are the pro's/con's of this arrangement? For those of you who have flown both canards and regular planes - what's the difference? Thanks in advance for your time folks, Duncan
  3. Hi. I didn't realise the little arch-thing was the plan view. Thanks.
  4. Hi, I'm looking for a plan view drawing of the eRacer. I don't need the full plans, just a drawing of the plan view. Can anyone help? Regards, Duncan

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