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  1. Mike75

    Engine question

    OK, thanks for the advice.
  2. Mike75

    Where to buy prop

    Any recommendations for finding a prop for a Varieze? POH recommends 56X70 for an O-200. Internet searches aren't yielding any great finds, maybe someone can recommend a supplier.
  3. Mike75

    Engine question

    I think this POH was written by Burt Rutan himself, so I'm guessing he's an authority? A better question might be this: Are there any Varieze owners out there that use O-200A?
  4. Mike75

    Engine question

    This is a screenshot from the POH for Varieze:
  5. Mike75

    Engine question

    Just realized O-200A is mentioned in the POH for Varieze, which I found online as a pdf. So I assume it's okay to purchase one and install it, assuming mounting is similar to C85.
  6. Mike75

    Engine question

    I am considering the purchase of a Varieze sans engine. It used to have a C85. I understand other models use O-200B (pusher). I gather other variants of the O-200 (e.g. A or D) cannot be used, because they are "puller" type engines rather than pusher. Problem is, O-200B is not easy to find. I am wondering why the puller type engines can't be used, just turn the prop around. Simple. Maybe too simple? Maybe someone can educate me on this, thanks.

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