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  1. Hi Marc: I want to explore making the Long EZ into an electric version. I need help with the dimensions for the batteries, controllers and a determination of required thrust and propeller design.
  2. Thanks Ken and Marc: I want to be hands on in building the plane myself, so being dishonest with the FAA will not be a problem. I just need some help from someone with experience who can assist me / show me some of the finer points and techniques. I am located near Fort Lauderdale. One additional question, I want to make some modifications on the Long EZ and may need an Engineer to check my work. Does anyone know of someone with experience on a Long EZ who can double check my ideas? Thank you.
  3. I am new to the community and am seeking help with the completion of the build of a Long EZ in the Florida area. Specifically, I am looking for a person or company that can assist me with the build. Someone who has done this before. Any suggestions are much appreciated. Bobby

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