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  1. I wanted to publicly thank both Ron Springer and Dave Harvey, who generously made time during their busy weekends to answer my questions, show me their aircraft, and introduce me to other canard flyers. It is a great testament to this community that folks like Dave and Ron quickly answered my original posting and me feel welcomed. Fernando
  2. Thank you Dave. That sounds great. I think I have only been to Tappahannock once before. Please let me know the best way to contact you, and we can then arrange for a good weather weekend for me to stop by. Regards, Fernando
  3. Hello everyone. New member here. I joined to learn about the Long EZ and Cozy aircraft. I have never had the opportunity to fly or even see up close the Long EZ or Cozy, and would be interested in meeting with someone from this area that can show me their aircraft. I lean more towards the Long EZ in terms of my interest, but would also like to see a Cozy. I am currently a half partner in a 1965 Mooney (M20E), and have previously owned a Grumman Tiger as well as an RV-6 and RV-4. However, I have absolutely no experience with canard aircraft and looking to learn. Thanks. Best, Fernando

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